How would your home stand up? Prepare to survive a major earthquake

Every year in Canada there are thousands of earthquakes.  Most of them small and causing minimal disruptions, however it is also known that at anytime we could experience a large earthquake in a large urban area that causes major disruptions, destruction and damage.  So now the question is: Are You Prepared?

During an earthquake you are likely to experience sensations of shaking (fast or slow), swaying, rolling up and down or sideways and these sensations may last seconds or several minutes.  It is bound to be a frightening experience but being prepared will help you get throught it. 

The damage from an earthquake can take the form of: shattered glass, falling objects and heavy objects thrown by the shaking, broken gas mains or water pipes, downed electical wires. 

Tips for Preparing for an earthquake (the first 72 hours)

  1. Prepare an emergency plan for family and friends
  2. Take a first aid & CPR course 
  3. Have a first aid kit in the car
  4. If you have camping equipment keep it accessible (not in the basement)
  5. If you have a propane BBQ keep it prepared.
  6. Know how to turn off the water and electricity 
  7. Learn safe places to be and practise the routine
  8. Make sure the house is bolted to the foundation and the walls are braced
  9. Repair loose roof shingles and ensure the chimney is strong & well braced. 
  10. Tie down and secure the water heater, heavy appliances and top heavy furniture. 
  11. Affix mirrors, paintings and other hanging items to the wall. 
  12. Put anti skid pads under small appliances and media equipment
  13. Keep flammables and chemicals away from heat and where they are unlikely to spill

Other items for your emergency planning: 

  • Have a water supply ready
  • Food for 72 hours
  • bedding and clothing (maybe that camping equipment)
  • flashlight, fire extinquisher (ABC), Toilet Paper, Garbage Bags, shovel, some cash, family records and documents. 

Preparation is your best chance for survival during an earthquake. 

Take some time this weekend to prepare  yourself and your family.  Be Safe! 

Please feel free to circulate this blog along with this disclaimer.  Our mandate is to provide information to keep your home safe.  Please note we do not take responsibility for the interpretation of the information or of damages resulting from use of the information.  Please stay safe.