When is the best time to repair a roof? NOW

Summertime!  Its the best time to get repairs done to your homes roof.  Typically its a great time to get out and see the condition of your roof, and then if repairs are necessary its also a good time to get a competitive quote and completion of the job. 

Steps to checking the condition of the roof:

From the ground, check the general condition of the:

  1. Check the roof and note any sagging that could indicate structural problems requiring further investigation from inside the attic.
  2. Check shingles for possible damage, loose or missing shingles. Pay special attention to high wear areas shuch as areas where there is significant foot traffic or areas where downspouts from upper roofs discharge onto lower roors.  Flashings at dormers, plumbing stacks, valley, etc cetera, should be carefull inpsected Supports for antennas or satellite dishes should be checked.
  3. Electric cables, should be well seccured an dproperly powered.
  4. Tree branches should be kept cut back to avoid damaging the roof surface.  
  5. Examine roof flashings, such as at chimney and roof joints, for any signs of cracking or leakage.
  6. Flat roofs should be inspected for blisters, bubbles, and flashing details. 
  7. Tar and gravel roofs should be inspected for areas of gravel erosion. 

Also, roof ventilation is critical; if you have poor ventilation this can result in your attic overheating in the summer causing the shingles to bake.  Poor ventilation in the winter can result in a build up of condensation resulting in a deterioration of the roof sheathing.

If you have questions or concerns about doing your roof inspection please feel free to contact us at 250-339-5399.