For a great finish, Its all in the preparation!

Getting the finish you want to your exterior paint job is all about the preparation.  Painting the exterior of your home is not the same as painting the interior.

When to paint: Summer and autumn are good seasons to paint the exterior of your home when the moisture in the air is relatively stable and you will have days of good light and little rain.   

How to Paint: The various exterior coverings of a home (vinyl siding, cedar, stucco, or masonry to name a few) all require different techniques to applying paint (brush, roller, sprayer).  Still the most important part of "how" to paint is in the preparation.  


  1. Clear the area and place a drop cloth/tarp - to catch any paint chips or dust.  Also, make sure that all greenery is tied back, air conditioners and heat pumps are covered and protected from dust, paint chips or fresh paint. 
  2. Sand and/or clean the old surface - Using sand paper or a course brush remove any loose paint, this will assist in the new paint/stain sticking to the old.  You will want to wear gloves, mask and eye protection.   Sanding produces dust that you won't want to breathe in, and using a cleaner such as TSP can be irritating to your skin or eyes and you
  3. Fill/repair holes/cracks in the siding and ensure the caulking around windows and trim is in good repair
  4. Wash the surface with water and allow it to thoroughly dry - this will ensure all loose bits or dust are off the surface so that you can be assured of good coverage with the new paint/stain. 

Now your ready to paint! 

  • Start with the soffits and the trim first - this will ensure that your paint doesn't drip on the newly painted walls.  
  • Technique - Masonry - use a roller for best results and pay close attention to even coverage.  Siding - start with the bottom edges before the face.  This will give you good even coverage across the face.  If you are using a sprayer - pick a calm day to spray and follow instructions from the rental and manufacturer for getting good results.  

Clean up and Enjoy! 

Paying close attention to your preparation stage will pay off in the end result of your home maintenance and to the value of one of your biggest investments.  At Island Building Inspection we have been providing maintenance and repair recommendations for both commercial and residential properties in BC for over 20 years.  We look forward to meeting your property inspection needs. Call to book your inspection at 1-800-667-0150.

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